What is Golden Rules of Writing ARTICLES

By | May 10, 2016

What is Golden Rules of Writing ARTICLES

Writing is a ongoing learning process, writing is an art. Therefore, no matter what style of writing such as article writing or story writing, a person have to insure the right technique like watching soccer players or a dancer or any other sports. Writing is a continuous learning journey that a person have to discover themselves. Veiw a person walking or driving around with map with out a compass. The beauty high light of having a compass or guidance, a person knows what direction they are going. No matter a person is writing an articles,stories,or film; direction is key point.

Many people can not find their direction or compass. Just like sports like dancing, soccer, basketball, football boxing or martial arts. A person has to find a technique and practice it. While watching tv or in the arena, watch the star player or any other player and see how each time section gets better. Its the coach. Therefore, these players or singers continue practicing their moves over and over again. Everyone has their own learning style. They have to adapt to what they see. Same as the players, the coach as their own school of thought.


What is Golden Rules of Writing ARTICLES



Just like watching a singer or sports player, or an actor, now a person is looking at a publication. Find out what publication ones like such as a sports player or dancer. Just like someone listening to a singer. Read a publication like business section or any other one. A real good popular publication. Find out why the writer put a statement the way they did. Then start writing the way they write. But a issue about writing, a person should not plagiarized anyone work because plagiarism is against the law. However, practice their techniques. Practice their way of stating a statement. Then work on your own style of writing.

Another idea about writing practicing writing, a person has to know what they are writing about. Besides writing techniques, writer do their research on subjects. Most writier enjoy going to the movies, watching plays. Maybe, they watch tv. Some people like to got to social gathering like the pizza shop or coffee shop. They watch other for ideas to put in writing. A person has to do their research.

Just as watching sports, writing has rules. After practicing, and practicing ; a person have to find if the language they put on paper is govering by the right standardize language. Find the rule of writing a sentence. Then, what is the right format for a paragraph? Then keep practicing. Find out the style and techniques in which is seen in a publication . Find out what rule are they following. After practicing, a person should keep reading and researching. As said before, writing is a journey, writing is a art. A person has to keep searching, keep finding that technique. The person has to find out what makes that journalist stands on print. When a person writes, they have to know where they are going. Find you compass.


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