Why to Use White Gold Jewellery ?

By | September 2, 2015

Why to Use White Gold Jewellery ?

White gold jewellery has become a trend of this era . Most of us prefer this over yellow gold as it can really make your looks awesome with any kind of dresses that you wear. Before knowing about the reasons to choose jewellery made with white gold lets’ understand what this metal actually is. White gold is an alloy of gold along with the white metals like palladium as well as silver. In white gold 75 percentage is made with gold while the rest 25 percentage has got palladium as well as silver in it. Nickel was used traditionally in white gold but this metal was reason for creating reactions in some people which has made the manufacturers to stop using it in white gold. Another important thing that you need to know is that a white gold ring is usually plated with rhodium as it is a metal which has got white color. White gold has got more a grey color than white so if you want your white gold ring to look good then it need to be plated with rhodium every 18 months. It is always good for you to do this in the shop that is available locally.

Why to Use White Gold Jewellery

Better Looks with Every Dressing

Most of us prefer white gold over the yellow gold is due to the looks that it provides you. White gold jewellery can suit with every other kind of the dresses. If you are wearing something trendy then your yellow gold earring or ring may not suit that but white gold enhances your looks as it suits with all the types of dresses that you wear. It is possible for you to get amazing looks with this awesome jewellery.

Goes Well with Diamond

White gold is the metal that you can choose if you are choosing any jewellery with diamonds studded in it. White gold jewellery with diamonds are really the great things that you can wear. The color of this metal enhances the shining and also the looks of the diamond well. The diamonds studded on yellow gold is incapable of giving the looks that you expect from the diamonds. There are quite a lot of varieties that you get in the white gold jewellery collection with diamonds studded on them. If you are really interested to get any piece of jewellery with diamonds then white gold is the best choice that you have.

Scratch Resistance

Rhodium is the metal that is plated on the surface of white gold jewellery. This metal is strong and also provides the jewel with white color. This plating is also meant to provide your piece of jewellery with great resistance to scratch. This plating can provide with much better as well as stronger looks to the white hold jewellery that you own.

Good for Work

White gold jewellery can complement your looks for the work. You can look great in your formals with some white gold jewellery pieces over the yellow gold. It gives much bolder look.

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